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Monstersaurus Story Board

Watch the story of Monstersaurus on YouTube


Once you have watched or listened to Zog, we would like you to complete a story board.

Can you discuss the story with an adult? What happens at the beginning, middle and end?

Can you draw a picture in each box to show these events?


Challenge! Can you write a sentence to describe each picture?

Monstersaurus Rhyming Words

Watch the story of Monstersaurus on Youtube


As you listen to Monstersaurus you will notice that there are lots of rhyming words that come in twos. We call these rhyming pairs. Can you watch the story again and investigate different rhyming pairs? Can you play pairs with the Monstersaurus Rhyming Words cards? How many matching pairs can you find?


Challenge! Can you complete the Monstersaurus rhyming words sheet?

Monster Description Sheet

Monster describing words and Description Sheet


Can you cut out and shuffle the Monster descriptive word cards, then lay them down face first onto a table? Now pick up 5 cards. Can you discuss what these words mean and write them into the box on the monster description sheet?


Use these words to invent your very own monster! Can you draw a picture of it in the box? Can you write a sentence including the words ‘My monster is called ….’


Challenge! Can you use your describing words in some sentences below?


Can you rewatch the Jolly Phonics songs? Can you remember the words and the actions?


Cut out and spread out the Phase 3 Pictures and Captions on a table or workspace.


Can you read the captions and then match them to the correct picture? How many pairs can you make?


(If this is too tricky- try the Phase 2 sheet)


Challenge! Can you create your own simple caption and picture matching game?