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Zog by Julia Donaldson


As a hook to our Princesses, Knights & Castles theme this week, either watch Zog on BBC iPlayer on listen to Mrs Booth reading it aloud on the Foundation Story Time Page.

Mrs Richardson modelling her Zog Story Review

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Once you have watched or listened to Zog, we would like you to complete a story review. There are two choices of sheet for this activity.


Can you:

  • Draw a picture of Zog
  • Write about what ‘Zog is…’ (Complete the description sheet to help you with some ideas)
  • Write a sentence about or draw a picture of your favourite part
  • Give it a star review out of 5 


Challenge! Write your story review in sentences?


Zog's Rhyming Pairs

Watch or listen to Zog by Julia Donaldson


As you listen to Zog you will notice that there are lots of rhyming words that come in twos. We call these rhyming pairs.


Can you listen to or watch the story again and investigate different rhyming pairs? Can you write them down on the Rhyming Pairs sheet? The first pair has been done for you:


Madam Dragon ran a school many moons ago.

She taught young dragons all the things that dragons need to know.

Watch or listen to Zog by Julia Donaldson


In the story, Princess Pearl wants to be a nurse and helps Zog when has a few clumsy accidents at Dragon School!


Can you pretend to be Princess Pearl and complete her Medical Record for Zog? You will need to cut out the pictures and stick them into the correct place for skill, problem and medical help.


Challenge! Can you complete the missing sentences on the medical record? Use your phonics or the word bank to help you. Can you think of any more accidents that could have happened to poor Zog?

Draw a Dragon Sheet


Can you try and read the instructions (get an adult to help you if needed) then follow them to draw my dragon!


Unless it says otherwise within an instruction, you can make your drawing as colourful as possible and use pencils, crayons, pens or crayons. I am looking forward to seeing your creations!


Challenge! Can you give an adult instructions to draw your own dragon? Can you write them down?


Watch the Cinderella story


In  the fairy tale Cinderella, she goes to the ball to meet Prince Charming. Can you imagine that you are organising your own ball for all of the Princesses and Knights in the kingdom?


Can you prepare an invitation that will be sent to each guest and prepare a menu to give to the palace chefs which contains all of your dream foods for the banquet– be as imaginative as possible!

Invitation For Your Ball

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Watch Mrs Booth write an invitation for her Ball

Mrs Booth’s Ball Menu

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