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The Three Little Pigs Story

Read the eBook story of The Three Little Pigs.


Discuss and retell the story with your child. Then use the story sequencing pictures to order the story correctly or create a story map of your own using pictures.


Challenge! Can you write a simple sentence underneath each picture that matches the story? Use the word mat to help you.

Can you create a wanted poster for the Big Bad Wolf? Draw a picture and either:


  1. Label it with describing words
  2. Write some sentences to describe the wolf. What does he look like? What did he do? (Challenge sheet)


Remember to use your phonic knowledge to sound out words and build your sentences by including a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.


You can use the templates or create your own.

ig rhyming poster

Word Family -ig | Phonics Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Learn about the ig word family. Word families are groups of words that have a common pattern. Word families, sometimes called phonograms or chunks, can help ...

Watch the Youtube video on the ig sound family.

Can you continue a rhyming string for pig? Create a poster to show different ig words.

Use the template I have created or make your own.

Can you draw pictures to go with each word and add sounds buttons to your ‘ig’ words?


Challenge! Can you write any of your ‘ig’ words into sentences?

Can you look at the pictures and use your phonics to sounds out the CVC words and write them down? (Remember to use pre cursive handwriting)

(If your child is finding it difficult, encourage them to sound out the words for you to write down for them to trace over or copy)

I have included a version that has the words already traced out for your child. The sheets get more challenging as you work through them.


Challenge! 1) CCVC words (page 2)

                2) CVCC words (page 3)