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Spreading my Wings from Foundation to Year One

Have a discussion with an adult at home about your year in Foundation.

Who are your friends?

What are you good at?

What do you like learning?

What do you want to get better at?


When you have your ideas, can you complete the Spreading my Wings from Reception to Year 1 butterfly?

Summer - What can you see?

What do you like to do in your garden in the summer? (Have a BBQ, play games, go in the paddling pool)


Can you have a look at the picture and talk about what you can see?


Can you build a sentence by saying it out loud and then writing it down? Don’t forget to include a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.

Phonics Challenge!

Can you write down as many of the sounds from this year we have learnt that you can remember?



When you are ready, can you watch the Jolly Phonics video and tick off how many you got? Make sure you join in with the songs and the actions

Jolly phonics 42 sounds & vowel song