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Kestrel Island

Thursday 21st May 

So we have finished the book. What did you think? Write a short book review to let me know your thoughts.

Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe.
Miss you all!
Mrs Hipkin X

Thursday 14th May - Thursday 21st May 


Oh dear nearly forgot it was book club today!  

Hope you are all doing ok and staying safe.  This week could you read to the end of the book.
Miss you all.
Mrs Hipkin x

Thursday 7th May - Thursday 14th May 


Hello, hope you are enjoying the sunshine.  Use this lovely weather to help you write a paragragh or two about your dream holiday.  Then read onto chapter 19. 


Stay safe, miss you all.


Mrs Hipkin

Thursday 30th April - Thursday 7th May 


Please read upto chapter 15. Many thanks Mrs Hipkin 

Thursday 23rd April - Thursday 30th April 


To coincide with World Earth Day this week could you design a poster protesting against building on Kestrel Island or design a poster to save the endangered wildlife on the island. Then read onto chapter 11.


Thursday 9th April - Thursday 23rd April (You have 2 weeks to read the chapters this time because of the Easter break).


Please write a diary entry imagining you are on holiday and find a mysterious island then read on 2 more chapters.

Thursday 2nd April - Thursday 9th April 


Please read up to chapter 5.