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Online Learning - Year Group Pages

This page of the school website is for;

* if a class/year group bubble is closed.

* the whole school is shut down and has to revert back to online learning.

* or if a child is self isolating.


Currently, no bubbles are closed down, so there is no updated work. If a bubble does shut, i.e. a Year 4 class, please click on the correct link below and the online learning will resume. This will include a daily maths, English and science/other subject lesson. Teachers will also aim to deliver one 'live' lesson per day via Teams.


Some year groups have also decided to upload their weekly homework to these page. If your child's year group are doing this, you will find the homework pages under each year group page.


As well as any new lessons that are uploaded, all of the online lessons from March to July are still saved in each year groups page, plus the whole range of well-being and fun activities that our staff put together for the children.