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History Off the Page - Castles workshop

Year 1 travelled back in time this week to find out about Castles from long ago. We came to school dressed as fairy tale characters, knights and princesses.


We entered the great hall of Middleton Castle to discover that we could be under attack! Luckily we had many knights in shining armour to save the day. 


In the morning, we were able to make many interesting things. We visited the wise woman and made some medicine using different herbs and spices. We also made clay pot candles, leather pouches, soap, pies and ink to use with a quill pen.  


We learned lots of interesting facts about castles and life within the castle walls. In the afternoon we had a Medieval banquet and felt like we ruled the kingdom! We were entertained by jesters, jugglers and dancers. Actors also performed the story of Saint George and the dragon. We then feasted on gingerbread and fresh fruit and drank from silver goblets. 


Come and take a look at all the exciting things that we got up to!  We had a fantastic day and learned a lot about castles and castle life long ago. 

Picture 1 Activities
Picture 2 Enjoying the banquet
Picture 3 Exciting things to look at
Picture 4 Having fun
Picture 5 Learning about the past
Picture 6 Enjoying the banquet
Picture 7 Enjoying the banquet
Picture 8 Fantastic fancy dress
Picture 9 Enjoying the banquet
Picture 10 Finding out facts
Picture 11 Using a hammer and nail
Picture 12 Leather for our bow
Picture 13 Making pouches
Picture 14 Hammering leather
Picture 15 Making medicine
Picture 16 Making pouches
Picture 17 Interesting things to look at
Picture 18 Gingerbread
Picture 19 The knights saved the day!
Picture 20 Cheers!
Picture 21 Cheers!
Picture 22 Jesters
Picture 23 Making medicine