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History - Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday)

Monday 18th January
WALT: understand why Martin Luther King Jr is a significant individual from the past


Today is Martin Luther King Jr day. We are going to be finding out lots about him and why he was so important. Martin Luther King links very well with our Value of the Month for January, which is respect. He showed promoted respect for all people regardless of the colour of their skin or their background.


Below is are some videos you can use to find out more about Martin Luther King Jr.

The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - MLK Day!

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: Biography for Children

Martin Luther King: Dream on | BBC Teach

Below are a number of different tasks you can choose to complete to help your learning about Martin Luther King. We would like you to choose at least one of the activities to complete but if you would like to, you can choose more than one.


1. There is an art tutorial (links very well with our current art unit on portraits) - it shows you how to draw a portrait of Martin Luther King - including his values in the background of your painting/drawing.





Martin Luther King Jr. Portrait | ART FOR KIDS

2. What do you dream/hope the future will look like? Think carefully about what changes you would like to see in the world and draw a speech or thought bubble like the one I have attached below, write your dream and upload it to Purple Mash for us to see.
3. There is a blank fact file below for you to complete - including all the information you have learnt about Martin Luther King Jr today. (You might not be able to write directly on it as it is a PDF but you can just copy the headings on to a piece of paper or type them on a word document). You can also include more headings and further information you have found out too.