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Global Education

What is Global Education?

It allows children to learn about other cultures, world issues and understand the global responsibility they have.


Think Global defines global learning as education that puts learning in a global context, fostering: critical and creative thinking; self-awareness and open-mindedness towards difference; understanding of global issues and power relationships; and optimism and action for a better world. 


Due to technology, the world is becoming a ever more connected place and it is becoming increasingly important to have a knowledge of world issues. 


What does Global Education look like at Middleton?

Global education does not have to be a lesson taught independently, it could be using a fiction or non-fiction text from another culture in English or Topic. It could also be writing with a purpose, such as writing persuasive letters to MPs highlighting a global issue or using school linking to develop friendships and communicate through online correspondence. Maths can also be linked to Global Education by  using real world data, such as countries‟ development statistics, for mathematical problems.


We will also be holding a Multi-Cultural Day, which this year will take place on Friday 9th Decemeber. The children will get to learn about three countries from across the globe, this could include, their beliefs, religions, food and lifestyles.