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Friday - Design Technology

Friday 5th March

WALT: Design a mascot



Green Jumper is a fantastic organisation with a mission to raise money to enable reforestation and educate us about climate change. They have an exciting competition for you to take part in.


The Competition

Every year, they host Green Jumper Day and they want YOU to design them a mascot that will represent Green Jumper Day and its message to increase awareness of climate change. “Children in Need” has “Pudsey the Bear” and they’d like their own “Pudsey”! They would like you to design, draw, sketch or computer generate your idea for a mascot.


Think carefully about what your mascot will look like and why. Don’t forget to label it so the judges know all of the important details. Have a look at the Green Jumper website to inspire you.

There will be 10 winners for KS2 who will each receive a book or book voucher. The overall winner will receive a visit at school from the mascot, once brought to life in a full 6ft costume!


The closing date is 26th March 2021. Please make sure all entries are clearly marked with your name and age, as well as our school name and address. Your idea has to be emailed to or posted to their office, Green Jumper, 40 Church St, Boston Spa, Wetherby LS23 6DN.


You can use this template or use a blank piece of paper. Just make sure you include all of your details before sending it off. Good luck!