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Friday 15th January 

WALT write in the first person


Today we will be writing a description of the ballet performance as if we were the little girl. This means we won't need to say "the little girl" if we want to write about what she did or how she felt, we will need to use "I".


To rewatch the ballet performance, it starts at 4.30 in the video below.

Dogs Don't Do Ballet

Live lesson Powerpoint

Success criteria


Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence

Capital letter for I

Full stops at the end of a sentence

Spaces between words

Exclamation marks if we are exclaiming

Question marks if we are asking a question


Retell the story from the girl's point of view

Describe what you saw

Describe what you did

Describe how you felt


3STAR challenge

Can you include things that we have learnt recently?

Suffixes –ment, -ness, -ly, -ful, -less

Prefix un-

Expanded noun phrases

Range of conjunctions

Different sentence types