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Friday 8th

Friday 9th January 2021

WALT: use a variety of different sentence openers (S and E)


We would love if you could join us for our live lesson this morning at 9.30am. We will be continuing our work on sentence openers linked to ‘The Lighthouse’


If you cannot join us this time, please work through the resources below and choose a challenge to work through before submitting your work to Purple Mash.




Can you write down as many of the D A D W A V E R S sentence openers that we learnt about yesterday? How many can you remember? Set yourself a 2 minute timer. (Answers below - Don't cheat! smiley)











Where it is
Estimation of time
Rhetorical questions
Simile or metaphors



We also talked about using the Power of 3 in our work. This is where you use 3 adjectives or 3 descriptive phrases within a sentence to make it more memorable and engaging. 


e.g. The dark, stormy, ominous clouds surrounded the lighthouse.


On top of the cliff, within the grey clouds, beaming out rays of light, stood the grand lighthouse. 


Can you think of a sentence to describe the lighthouse which includes the following...


Power of 3




Expanded Noun Phrase




Sentence Opener – Adverb




Sentence Opener – Where it is







Think about 'The Lighthouse' short film... 



The Lighthouse

Today we are looking at 2 new sentence openers. Similes and Estimation of time. Look at the examples in the table and have a go at writing some of your own...



Estimation of time



All of a sudden, the wind blew the window open.




As quietly as a mouse, the lighthouse keeper sat at the table.










Independent Activities


Pick an activity to complete from the today’s English page on the websit


* Mild – Can you fill in the rest of the table with more examples of E (Estimation of time) sentence openers?


Challenge! Can you choose three of your sentence openers above to write into sentences about ‘The Lighthouse’ film?


** Spicy – Can you write some sentences using Similes and Estimation of Time openers to describe events from the story? (Use the planning grid to help you)


Challenge! Can you uplevel any of the verbs or adjectives you have written using a thesaurus to improve the quality of the vocabulary?


*** Hot – Can you choose 5 colouring pencils and highlight the different types of sentence openers in the passage?


Challenge! Can you write your own version of a description of ‘The Lighthouse’ story using a variety of the sentence openers we have learnt about?