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Friday 5th

Friday 5th March 2021

WALT: plan and write a short creative story


We would love if you could join us for our live lesson this morning at 9.30am. We will be finishing our home learning by creating some short stories!


If you cannot join us this time, please work through the PowerPoint  and choose a challenge to work through before submitting your work to Purple Mash.

Choose one of the following story starters:


1. One day a UFO landed in my back garden.  A little green man climbed out.  “Can you help me?” he said.  “I think I’m lost.”

2. Jaz’s auntie Rhee is a witch.  She’s not wicked – just wicked fun.  She takes Jaz for flights on her broomstick and she’s teaching Jaz how to do spells.  But she won’t let Jaz try to cast a spell unless she’s with her.  Then one day, Jaz decided to make a spell of her own.

3. Adi
opened the suitcase he found in his gran’s attic.  It contained a mirror, a compass, a map and a note saying “Please come and save us before it’s too late …”

4. Sal was walking along the beach when she saw a beautiful green glass bottle that had been washed up on the shore.  She bent down and picked it up.  There was something inside it.  Sal pulled out the cork to see what it was …



Can you plan out your short story by creating your own plan or choosing from a template below?

Independent Activities



* Mild /** Spicy/ *** Hot –


Use your story plan to write your own short story based on your chosen opening


Try to include all of the skills we have learnt linked to creative writing/ description


Extension! When you have completed your story you may wish to film yourself performing it as part of a ‘storytelling session’