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Friday 19th June 2020

WALT locate physical and human features in Milton Keynes


Physical features are things that are naturally there like seas, hills and forests.


Human features are things that have been added to the environment by people like buildings, roads and bridges.


In Milton Keynes we have a mix of both physical and human features. The human features are usually easy to spot because we use them in our daily lives like our school, our house and the shops. Sometimes we can take the physical features for granted - they can get ignored.


Look through the PowerPoint to see examples of human and physical features. Does Milton Keynes have any of them? Would you like some to be?



As physical features sometimes get ignored, your task is to open your eyes and see them for their beauty.


When you are next on a walk around your local area, see how many physical features you can find. What did you find?


Take your time looking and take a lovely photographs. Share them on Purple Mash so we can see what you have been able to find in Milton Keynes.


Did you know? A river is a human feature and a canal is a physical feature.