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Friday 12th June
WALT: Create a piece of artwork inspired by an artist


Yesterday you found out all about our artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and today we would like you to create a piece artwork inspired by his ideas. 

You can complete this task in a variety of ways:

  • Using real fruit and veg to create a face
  • Sketching a face and filling it with fruit and vegetables
  • Painting  a face and filling it with fruit and vegetables
  • Cut and sticking print outs of fruit and veg to rearrange in the shape of a face
  • Complete the paint 2Do on Purple Mash


You can choose one or more of these ways to complete your art learning for today.


To help you complete this task I have attached a outline of a face below that you can use as a template to help you or if you could like you can draw your own face.


Below I have added some examples of artwork created by other children to give you some inspiration.