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WALT: Use maths skills in a real life context


This week we have looked at measuring mass in grams and kilograms. Today we are going to apply our knowledge to help us follow a recipe and make something delicious.



Four ways we use maths when cooking and baking:


1. Keeping track of time

You want your culinary masterpiece to be cooked perfectly!


2. Measuring ingredients

It’s important that you follow the recipe and measure your ingredients accurately so that your sweet or savoury treat turns out just right.


3. Calculating portion sizes
Perhaps you have to halve or double your recipe in order to make the right amount.


4. Setting the correct temperature

You don’t want anything to burn or be undercooked.



Can you think of any other examples of how we use maths in cooking?


Hopefully, you have already chosen your recipe and have your ingredients. If you haven’t, have a look at these websites for some inspiration.





We can’t wait to see what you make! Save your pictures to your ‘My Work’ folder or post them on our ‘Chit Chat blog’ for everyone to see.