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English - Spelling Fun


Make sure you get top marks for spelling next Friday with these FUN ACTIVITIES.

Already know your spellings? (The list was set Friday 22nd May for test on Friday 5th June.)

And  you know all the Year 1/2 Common Exception Words...

Then select 10 words you find tricky from the Year 3/4 list of Common Exception Words. When you think you can spell them ask someone to test you!





We love colouring and some people find it very relaxing. Today we have found lots of maths based colour by numbers that you can complete. We have however made it slightly trickier than just finding the number and colouring in the section - you need to complete the sums first. There are a range of addition, subtraction and multiplication to choose from. Choose the ones you are most confident with.


If you would like to, you can also create your own colour by 'number sentence' using a colouring book you've got at home and challenging someone to complete it.