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Friday 15th

Friday 15th January 2021

WALT: write a diary (Lesson 2)


We would love if you could join us for our live lesson this morning at 9.30am. We will be continuing our work on the short film called ‘The Lighthouse’


If you cannot join us this time, please work through the resources below and choose a challenge to work through before submitting your work to Purple Mash



Go to the 2nd and 3rd slides of the PowerPoint. 


What is the lighthouse keeper thinking and feeling during the Climax and Resolution? (Remember to write in a chatty, informal style)



Time Conjunctions


In the morning,




Later on, 



Which D A D W A V E R S sentence openers do these belong to?

Can the children use these in sentences about the lighthouse keeper?






Can you write down as many different time conjunctions as you can in a minute?






Play The Lighthouse from 1:07 to 1:50

The Lighthouse

Can you write three consecutive sentences using time conjunctions to describe what happens during this part of the story?


You need to BE the lighthouse keeper so to write in FIRST PERSON as though he is writing it.

Recap: A story can be divided up into 4 different aspects:


Setting (Opening)

Independent Activities -

Pick an activity to complete from today’s English page on the website


* Mild/ ** Spicy – Can you continue with the Problem, Climax and Resolution of the diary describing the lighthouse keeper’s night?

Think carefully about all of the techniques we have learnt about and non-negotiables (full stops, capital letters, etc.)


*** Hot – Can you continue with the Climax and Resolution sections of the lighthouse keeper’s diary focusing on his thoughts and feelings? Can you include a variety of sentence openers and fronted adverbials?


Think carefully about all of the techniques we have learnt about  and non-negotiables (full stops, capital letters, etc.)


You can carry on with the sheet you were working on yesterday or these is lined paper on the website.