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Arithmetic Test


Today's live Maths lesson will be at 9:30am. Please have a piece of paper and something to write with ready to take part in the lesson OR print off the Arithmetic test. You will have a chance to complete the test during the LIVE lesson and then we will go through the answers together. 



Arithmetic test (to be completed during the LIVE)


Escape Room

Can you escape the Blue Peter prison? 

When you press play, you will enter the Blue Peter escape room. It looks just like a prison, but don't worry, it's not a real one. Your mission is to explore the cell to collect the clues and find your way out. To make matters worse, you will be racing against the clock, and if you make even one mistake... you will alert the guards and you will have to start over!


  • How many attempts did it take for you to get out?
  •  Did you make it out in the nick of time or did you have time to spare?



It is tricky! If you get stuck, have a look at our hints book. If you get really stuck, the answers are on the last page. GOOD LUCK YEAR 4! 

Top Marks

Have a go at these fun games on Top Marks to practise your maths. 



Arithmetic Test (to be completed in the live lesson)