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Friday 5th February

WALT write our own fable


For this lesson you will need the plan that you made in yesterday's lesson.

You will have answered the 5Ws about your own fable:

Who is involved?

Where did it happen?

What happened?

When did it happen?

Why did it happen the way it did?


What moral do they learn?


We will take your ideas and write them into a fable. A fable is a story, usually using animals as characters, that has a moral. A moral is a lesson that we can learn.

Live lesson Powerpoint

You can use this sheet if you want to or you can write on your own piece of paper. 

Success criteria

Include an important message (moral)

There are animal characters

The characters talk to each other

The story is short and easy to remember

Beginning > Problem > End

The moral comes at the end

The title of the fable tells you something about the characters

Full stops, finger spaces, capital letters

Different sentence types

Past tense


Draw a picture to go with your fable too.