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The Tour de France

22.6.20 - 6.7.20

WALT: find out about The Tour de France and design a jersey.


WALT: revise topics we have learned by playing games

Bonjour Year 3!


I really enjoyed seeing your fantastic work about La Tour Eiffel. There were some really excellent and creative ways of showing your research! For this week and next week I would like you to research The Tour de France that should have been starting on Saturday 27th June. We would have been learning about it in school. Your second weeks activity will be to use the free French games website at the bottom of this page to revise some of the topics we have been learning about. :)


I would like you to research the Tour de France race and design your own jersey. Then tell me what it would be a prize for - it could be another prize in The Tour de France, for a different sport or for something else completely. Be creative! You might want to do this on paper, on Purple Mash or even on a real t-shirt! 


Some information you may want to include with your design:

What are the Tour de France jerseys awarded for?

What is your jersey a prize for?

Tell me about the design.

Who do you know who might win it?


Have fun, I am looking forward to seeing your work on Purple Mash! :D


Ooh la la challenge - Include some more research about the Tour de France!



Please upload your work to Purple Mash as normal on the Year 3 French blog. Any work that you would like to put on Twitter, please @MFLMPS :)



I have left some of the games and fun activities here for those of you who haven't had a chance to do them yet.


Brain box!

Time yourself for 1 minute to look at the picture and remember everything you can about it. Then after 1 minute, play the question and answer video to see how much you remember!

Pet Shop

Pet Shop 1


Farm 1

Pet Shop questions and answers

Still image for this video


Still image for this video