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Design an 'œuf de Pâques'

(Design an Easter Egg)

6.4.20 - 13.4.20

WALT: Design an 'œuf de Pâques' in French

Joyeuses Pâques! (Happy Easter!) 


Because it is Easter this week, I would love you to design an 'œuf de Pâques' (Easter Egg) and describe it in French. To do this you will need to use the pattern and colour vocabulary we learned in Year 5 and have been revising in Year 6 with our animal project. Make your egg brightly coloured, I don't mind if you do this on paper or on the computer or on the 2do I have set on Purple Mash. You may use as many colours as you like, it may even have a picture on it. But don't forget you will need to label it in French, noun first, adjective second. Also if it is a feminine pattern the adjective needs to be feminine and if it is a plural pattern the adjective needs to be plural too....

Eg; une rayure bleue

Eg; des rayures bleues


All of the pattern and colour vocabulary is attached below in a PDF if you need it. Please do not use google translate, as it doesn't always make sense!! Upload your work as normal to the French blog. Have fun!


Ooh la la challenge - Write your 'œuf de Pâques' descriptions in sentences using the sentence starters -

My Easter Egg is ____ with ____ . = Mon œuf de Pâques est ____ avec ____ .

It has ______ . = Il a _____ .