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The Tour de France

22.6.20 - 6.7.20

WALT: present information about The Tour de France


WALT: revise topics we have learned by playing games

Bonjour Year 5!


I really enjoyed seeing your fantastic work about La Tour Eiffel. There were some really excellent and creative ways of showing your research! For this week and next week I would like you to have a look at The Tour de France that should have been starting on Saturday 27th June. We would have been learning about it in school. Your second weeks activity will be to use the free French games website at the bottom of this page to revise some of the topics we have been learning about. :)


I would like you to research the Tour de France race and present your information in an interesting way, it could be a leaflet, poster, newspaper report or even a video! Don't forget to include pictures - either drawings or a photographs.


Some information you may want to include:

When was it due to take place / when will it now take place / when did it start?

When did it start?

Where does it take place?

Where is it starting this year / last year?

How long is the race?

What does the race involve?

Who can take part?

What is the prize?

Tell me about the jerseys.

Interesting facts.


Have fun, I am looking forward to seeing your work on Purple Mash! :D


Ooh la la challenge - Include some French words about the Tour de France! Include a map of the race route. 



Upload your work as normal to the Year 6 French blog on Purple Mash. If you want to tweet your work don't forget to @MFLMPS.