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Reading Comprehension for our text of the week 'Dogs Don't do Ballet' by Anna Kemp

Monday 11th January
WALT: make inferences on the basis of what is being said and done.


This week we will be basing our learning around the fantastic book 'Dogs don't do ballet.'

Below is a video of the story. 

Dogs Don't Do Ballet (by Anna Kemp, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie)

To buy the book: Biff, an adorable little puppy who will stop at nothing to become a ballet dancer.Dogs Don't Do Ballet By Anne K...

In today's lesson we will look at what activities we would normally expect a dog to do and practice using because in our sentences.


Afterwards, we will look at how the dog in the story is feeling - particulary at the beginning. Your task is to fill in a thought bubble for the dog. The one star thought bubble is shorter and will require one or two short sentences. The two/three star thought bubble has more space for longer, more detailed sentences. Choose whichever one you feel most confident with.

Remember to write in the first person (pretending you are the dog - using I.)

After you have completed your thought bubble, you can complete the reading task below. If you can read the text, then you should read it and answer the questions. If you are finding the reading tricky, you can listen to the youtube clip again where they read the story for you. 



The dog in the story loves the ballet. Below is a video of a very famous ballet. I would like you to watch the video and then write some sentences to describe what is happening and what you can see. You can also describe the music. Use lots of exciting adjectives.

Remember our 'Always Checklist'

- full stops


- finger spaces

- commas for lists

- conjunctions (and, so, but, because)

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky / Nina Kaptsova - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy / 2010

P.TCHAIKOVSKY - "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" / Nutcracker - Bolshoi Ballet 2010 / Life Extract