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Early Birds' Breakfast Club

Picture 1 We sit and eat together in Breakfast Club
Picture 2 We can spread our toast
Picture 3 We can pour our juice
Picture 4 We can choose our cereals
Picture 5 We can play outside
Picture 6 We can read a book
Picture 7 We can do our homework
Picture 8 We can play together
Picture 9 We can play with the construction toys
Picture 10 We can play with the toys

Our successful Early Birds’ Breakfast Club is now in it’s fifth year. Children are offered a nutritional breakfast followed by the chance to participate in fun educational activities or catch up on any homework they have.


The Breakfast Club starts at 7:45 am and it is recommended that you book your child’s place in advance. Booking forms can be downloaded directly from the school website.  At 8.50am, the children are taken to their class teachers.


Breakfast Club provides a calm and orderly start to the day for pupils if parents have to leave early to get to work.