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Mr Hughes' A- lister challenge!


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1) Choose a category below

2) You have 10 minutes to list as many possible answers as possible. You could write them down or record a video of you coming up with them.

3) No cheating - Google/the internet are banned! As is getting help from your parents!

4) If you think you have a good number of items in your list, send your answers to We'll post the best attempts in each category to our Twitter feed.


Categories to choose from


1) List as many animals that start with the letter 'B' as you can, i.e. 'Bear'


2) List as many football teams that play in red shirts as you can, i.e. 'Arsenal' (boooo!)


3) List as many percussion instruments as you can, i.e. 'tambourine'


4) List any Disney character that is an animal, i.e. 'Mickey Mouse'


5) List as many countries in Europe as you can, i.e. England


6) List as many types of chocolate bar as you can, i.e. 'Mars bar'


Good luck!