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Book Club

Welcome to Year 5 Online Book Club.

From this page, you will be able find out where you can locate the Book Clubs that we would be running at school. Each Friday, your Book Club leader will upload a new audio file for you to listen along to at home with your copy of the book - like we would do at school. 


How to locate the audio file


All of the audio files will be saved on Purple Mash as this is a secure platform. In the blog section, you will find 4 separate blogs, one for each book. Within that blog, each teacher will upload audio files of themselves reading the chapters for you to listen along to at home. At the end of each adult-led read, there will be instructions about what page you will need to read to and any other tasks that need doing based around the book.


You can also use the blog as a chance to ask any questions you have about the book or discuss what you have enjoyed etc.


Finally, remember before each session, you must: grab a drink, a biscuit/treat (check with parents first!) and your chosen book club book. Sit back, relax and enjoy the book! 


We have loved being able to continue Book Club together, even though we can't see each other right now, and we hope you have too! We are really excited to be continuing Book Club after half term and have some fantastic new books we can't wait to share with you all. Click on each book below to find out more about the books we will be reading after half term. Once you have chosen the book you'd like to read, if you can, try and get your own copy for after half term.