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Back to School (Friday)

Friday 5th March

WALT appreciate the people who have helped us 

Last week we had a think about how we were feeling about coming back to school on the Monday 8th March. We designed Colour Monsters to show all our different emotions and wrote our reasons why in our English lesson.


Some of us have also created worry monsters in DT so if you do have any troubles then it can eat them all up for you!

Here is a nice little Twinkl book to read about returning to school. We have all had different experiences while at home but coming back to school "we are all in it together"!



We think that it would be nice for you to appreciate the help that you have had from home while you haven't been at school. 

You could write a thank you letter, decorate it nicely and then give it to the person/people who have helped you.


You could design and make a thank you card.

Easy Rainbow Pop Up Card