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Autumn Term 2

Medium Term Plans for each year group

Below you will find the medium term plans for each year group for Autumn Term 2. These are intended as a rough guide to learning - at the teachers discretion, the order/dates of each lesson are subject to change.


For the last week of the Autumn Term, we will be introducing 'Wicked Work Week'. The purpose of this week is to take many of the skills and the knowledge that the children have learned over the term and then to apply them to a cross curricular project. For example, Year 5 may combine their history and art skills to create Tudor Roses. Year 4 will take their geography knowledge of volcanoes and combine this with DT construction skills. 

Please note, in addition to the 'mini topics' studied in French for Years 3-6, the children will also be learning the following:


French Culture and special days

Punctuation and grammar in French

Masculine / feminine

Dictionary skills

Adjectives including colours




Common questions eg; ‘How many?’, ‘What is your favourite….?’