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Artemis Fowl

Front cover and blurb

Front cover and blurb 1
Front cover and blurb 2

This book was recommended to me by my fiancé! He said that he loved this book when he was in Year 6 and when I read the blurb, I knew it would appeal to some of you. 

I have a running theme for picking books that have been adapted into films or TV shows! This book will be available to stream on Disney+ soon, so I would love to read the book to see how well it adapts into a film. 

I also have a theme of choosing books that are the beginning of a series of books! So if you pick this book and enjoy it, then there are other books to continue the series. 

I have taken a picture of the blurb from my copy for you to read. I found this book in my local Morrisons, so you might be able to find it in your local supermarket.


Miss Bird

Books in the series

Books in the series 1

Great news! This book is available as an audiobook and there is one copy at the Milton Keynes eLibrary to borrow for free! You will need to ask an adult at home to set up an account, but this is fairly easy and simple to do. I recommend using RB digital, as I currently use this and it is easy to use and navigate. I have copied the link and added a scene shot of what the app looks like. They also have the audiobooks in the series! 

But please be aware that only one person can borrow the book at a time. Currently as I am writing this post, it is available to checkout.

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