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Art (Tuesday)

Tuesday 23rd February
WALT: create Pop Art portraits


For the first part of today's art lesson please go through the PowerPoint, watch the video (on slide 4) and explore the Tate gallery website it takes you too.


Today we would like you to create your own Pop Art portrait. There are a few different ways you can do this - depending on what resources you have at home.


You could

- draw a portrait of someone famous (use google for an image) and then colour your drawing in using bright colours.

- use the portraits of Barack Obama or Malala Yousafzai to colour in to create your Pop Art portrait. If you're not sure who these famous people are, you could do some research to find out.

- take a photo of someone (with their permission), print the photo and colour it in using bright colours.


Any portraits you create can be uploaded to your Home Learning folders on Purple Mash.

If you would like an extra challenge, you can use some of the repeated patterns in the document below to create your own Pop Art pictures.