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Art (Monday)

Monday 11th January
WALT: describe what a portrait is and some famous portrait artists.


Last term in art we focussed on landscapes. This term we will be learning all about portraits.

Our lesson today is a little introduction to portraits and a chance for you to research a portrait artist you may be interested in. Below is a quick summary of what a portrait is.

For your task today I would like you to choose one of the following famous portrait artists to research. You can present your research however you like.

Here are some ideas (but if you can think of another way you would like to present your information that is also great)

- A video of yourself talking/presenting the information

- Post it notes or written bullet points

- A poster

- A mind map


Choose an artist from below (apart from Thomas Gainsborough as we will look at him together in more detail in another lesson.)

Here are some ideas of the facts you may like to find out.


- Where and when were they born?

- Are they still alive?

- Did they only paint portraits?

- What are their most famous pieces of work?

- Where has their work been displayed?

- What style did they paint/draw in?

- What media and materials did they use for their art?



Can you recreate a piece of work (portrait) from your chosen artist? This could be a sketch, collage, painting, colouring with pencils/felt tips/crayons.


Any learning can be uploaded in to your folders in Purple Mash for us to see. Also if you would like to, we would love to see some of your research and any portrait recreations in your class sessions later this week (check the website for the times/days for each class.) If you would like to share your work, please have it ready to show during these sessions.