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Art (Friday)

Friday 29th January
WALT: draw a proportionate portrait


Drawing a face is extremely tricky. This is because it can be difficult to get the correct proportions (size) for our facial features (eyes, nose, mouth and ears). It can also be challenging to place all our facial features in the correct place.


Today we will be practising drawing faces of other people (portraits).


Below I have attached some handy videos that talk you through the process step by step. I would like you to have several practise goes on some scrap paper before starting your final piece today.


Your task is to choose a member of your family to draw a portrait of. I would suggest you use a pencil to sketch very lightly as you can then rub out any small mistakes you make.

If you wish you can then add colour.


Please upload any photos of your art to Purple Mash for us to see.

Portrait drawing

How to Draw a Face for Kids

Quick demo on drawing the facial proportions on the a white board using Expo markers. Detailed footage on drawing the nose in 3 easy steps. Also drawing the ...

Learn how to draw portraits - How to draw a face step-by-step