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Anxiety & Stress

At this time of uncertainty, changes in your routine and limited freedom, it is understandable to be feeling a little anxious. 


Here you can find some ideas and helpful strategies that I have gathered from a number of different places. Hopefully they can help you address some of your anxiety. 


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For parents and carers

Understanding anxiety


Using a feelings thermometer is a great tool to help us recognise what feelings we might be experiencing in any given moment. Here is an Anxiety Thermometer. We can experience anxiety at different levels and intensities and at times it can feel really uncomfortable and scary. A helpful strategy is becoming aware of what level our anxiety is at. If we can develop an understanding of our anxiety or worries then this is the first step in learning strategies to manage or cope better. Anxiety may be triggered by different situations and so using this tool can also help us recognise what situations make us feel more anxious or worried than others.

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Parents or carers, please go through this resource with your child especially if they are presenting with anxious behaviours. Together, have a think about the strategies that could be put in place should they move up the scale. For example, if they rate themselves at 3, 4 or 5, breathing techniques may be helpful.