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A Spiral Optical Illusion (Hard)

How To Draw...... a spiral optical illusion!


To do this you will need a piece of paper, a piece of scrap paper to practise on, a sharp pencil or pen. You don't need a ruler - it looks better without and is much faster without!


On your scrap paper, draw a border round the edge. Then divide your paper in to 4 triangles using two diagonal lines across the middle. Choose one of your triangles to practise the spiral pattern in. Starting from one corner carefully start your triangular spiral, draw a straight line next to the edge of the triangle all the way up until you hit the other edge of your triangle. It should end next to the opposite corner of the triangle. Now starting from there, draw your next line next to the second side of your triangle again all the way to the opposite edge until you hit the edge just next to the corner. Now do your third line from where your second line ended all the way until you hit the third edge of your triangle, ending next to the corner.


Stay as close as possible to the edges so you only leave a little gap between your lines. You should end up with a slightly smaller, tilted triangle inside your original triangle. Now repeat the same process inside your new triangle, making sure you stay as close as possible and hit the opposite edge next to the corner. Keep going until you get right in to the middle.


Still image for this video
Now you have had a practise and can see how it will work, you are ready for your real one! You need a sheet of paper. Start by doing your border around the edge. Divide your page in to sections. I started with a diamond in the centre, but you could divide it up however you like as long as they are divided in to straight sided shapes.
Now get spiralling in straight lines inside each section! Don’t forget to draw your line until you hit the other edge, make sure you end each line just next to the corner so that your spiral begins to turn. It looks really good if you can make half your page spiral in one direction and the other half in the opposite direction!