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13th November


WALT write an information text

This week we have been exploring an information text on Bonfire Night. We have looked at some of the features including labeled photographs/pictures, captions, sub-headings and factual information. Your homework task for this week is to create a page for a book on Bonfire Night. You may write about any aspect of Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes and you can be creative as you like and may choose to create it electronically but it must include the features listed above. Please photograph/upload your finished work to the 'My Work' folder on Purple Mash.

êêêSub-heading, 2 photographs/pictures with at least 2 labels and a caption for each, 3 sentences of factual information.

êêSub-heading, 1 photograph/pictures with 2 labels and a caption, 2 sentences of factual information.

êSub-heading, 1 photograph with a label and a caption, 1 sentence of factual information.




WALT Find examples of 2D and 3D shapes in our environment


This week we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

Your homework this week is a shape hunt! Choose 4 different shapes and find objects around your house or whilst you're out and about that are those shapes. Take photos and upload these to Purple Mash, make sure you tell us which shape you have found!


Things to discuss:

- How do you know it's that shape?

- Is the shape 2D or 3D?

- How many sides/edges does the shape have? 


* Find 4 shapes and write the name of each shape

** Find 4 shapes, write the name of the shape and identify a property of each shape. E.G. how many sides? How many corners?

*** Find 4 shapes and write the name of each shape. Choose one of the photos you have taken and explain how you know that it's that shape.