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W.B 13.07.20

Hello Year 1 Children and Grown-Ups


Below is a selection of mathematical problems and activities for you to solve. The problems will need you to use lots of the maths skills that you have learnt this year. You can complete the activities in any order.


Colour by Number


Emoji colour by number addition to 20. Follow the instructions and solve the number sentences. Which Emoji have you created?


Challenge – Emoji colour by number addition and subtraction to 100.

Crack the Code


Can you solve the number sentences to spell the words. Clue – all of the animals live under the sea.

There is an answer sheet for you to check your codes once you have finished!

Counting in 2s,5s and 10s


Choose 2 -3 of the activity sheets to complete. You may want to do them all but that is up to you!

Bar Chart


Look at the pictures of the animals. For every type of animal that you see you will need to colour in a square.


Challenge – can you read the bar chart and answer the questions?

Number Puzzles


Follow the rules to find the answers. Remember that double means to add the same number again and to divide means to share the number.



Double 6 means 6+6


6 divided by 2 means to share between 2. Draw two circles and share 6 dots between the two circles.