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Year 4

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Year 4 Autumn Term


This term in Year 4 our topic is 'Rolling through the Ages'.  We have been asking lots of interesting questions and will be using a variety of sources to answer our questions. As part of our learning, we will be comparing life now to that of life during the Prehistoric Ages (Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age).


Year 4 Cavemen


We switched off the lights, closed the blinds and sat under the tables to create an atmosphere of darkness. We used pastels to create our very own cavemen images and retold the story of our images to our peers. As a class we decided that we much prefer being able to tun on the lights when we need to. We can't even image how difficult it was to carve the cave walls to create images.


Cavemen Art

Cavemen Art 1
Cavemen Art 2
Cavemen Art 3
Cavemen Art 4
Cavemen Art 5
Cavemen Art 6
Cavemen Art 7
Cavemen Art 8