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Year 4

Let the Battle Commence


We used our very own shields to re-enact a Roman battle. We created a tortoise formation (which was the most popular amongst the Romans) and a wedge formation. Can you identify which formation is which? 

Roman Army

Roman Army 1
Roman Army 2
Roman Army 3
Roman Army 4
Roman Army 5
Roman Army 6
Roman Army 7
Roman Army 8
Roman Army 9
Roman Army 10

Science Day

Year 4 had a very enjoyable day full of DT and Science. We began our day with a bang (quite literally) with a visit from a scientist from the Open University. We were amazed when he showed us lots of different experiments including; how to shrink a plastic bottle without using any fire and how to inflate a balloon inside a bottle!


We were set the challenge of constructing a Roman Catapult in groups of three to then test the distance a counter could travel depending on how far we pulled our catapults back. We had to measure the distances very accurately, some counters travelled further than 1 metre so we had to convert our measurements into centimetres.

Science Day 13.03.17

Science Day  13.03.17 1
Science Day  13.03.17 2
Science Day  13.03.17 3
Science Day  13.03.17 4
Science Day  13.03.17 5
Science Day  13.03.17 6
Science Day  13.03.17 7
Science Day  13.03.17 8
Science Day  13.03.17 9
Science Day  13.03.17 10
Science Day  13.03.17 11
Science Day  13.03.17 12
Science Day  13.03.17 13
Science Day  13.03.17 14
Science Day  13.03.17 15

MK City Discovery Centre


On Monday 27th February, Year 4 visited MK City Discovery Centre to introduce their 'Invaders' topic all about the Romans. We had a fantastic day and found out lots of interesting facts about the Romans, we were fascinated by the amount of Roman history in our very own home of Milton Keynes!


 We enjoyed re-enacting a typical Roman banquet but we are not too sure that we would have enjoyed the dishes, ostrich and calf brains would not be our first choice of food! We met a Roman soldier who told us lots of interesting facts about Roman armor, weapons, battle formations, games and even commanded us in Latin! Throughout the day we saw and held various Roman artefacts including: coins, a wax tablet and mosaic tiles.



MK City Discovery Centre - Roman Day

Pre Historic Britain

We have been finding out about Pre Historic Britain, we specifically found out about 'The Stone Age', 'The Bronze Age' and 'The Iron Age'. We performed an assembly to celebrate and share our learning. We created cavemen art work, silhouettes of Stonehenge and Iron Age pinch pots.


As part of our topic we also studied the book 'Stig of the Dump', we wrote Haiku poems about Stig and his dump and shared some examples during our year group assembly.


Can you identify Stig in the photographs below?

Our Pre Historic Britain Assembly

Happy Birthday Milton Keynes


We visited our very own MK50 exhibition held in our school hall. We found out lots of interesting facts using the variety of sources. Many of us were very surprised to see how much Milton Keynes has changed over 50 years!

MK50 Exhibition

MK50 Exhibition  1
MK50 Exhibition  2
MK50 Exhibition  3
MK50 Exhibition  4
MK50 Exhibition  5
MK50 Exhibition  6
MK50 Exhibition  7
MK50 Exhibition  8
MK50 Exhibition  9

In DT we have been designing, making and evaluating our very own instruments. We thought carefully about: how the instrument was going to make a sound, which materials to use and the purpose of our product.


We were all very successful in making an instrument that could produce a sound!

Making Musical Instruments

Making Musical Instruments 1
Making Musical Instruments 2
Making Musical Instruments 3
Making Musical Instruments 4
Making Musical Instruments 5
Making Musical Instruments 6
Making Musical Instruments 7
Making Musical Instruments 8
Making Musical Instruments 9
Making Musical Instruments 10
Making Musical Instruments 11
Making Musical Instruments 12
Making Musical Instruments 13
Making Musical Instruments 14
Making Musical Instruments 15
Making Musical Instruments 16
Making Musical Instruments 17
Making Musical Instruments 18
Making Musical Instruments 19
Making Musical Instruments 20

As part of our Science topic on sound, we investigated a variety of different materials to find out which materials insulate sound most effectively. With a partner we chose two different materials and made ear muffs to use as part of the investigation.


Which material do you think insulates sound most effectively? 

Can you hear that?

Can you hear that?  1
Can you hear that?  2
Can you hear that?  3
Can you hear that?  4
Can you hear that?  5

All About Africa


As part of out topic work we have been finding out about Africa. We have been using our enquiry skills to carry out research about different countries within Africa. We have been lucky enough to have visitors from MK Music Service teach us how to 'call and respond' whilst drumming. During Art Week we were inspired by African artist Stephen Njenga and created our own masterpieces. As a year group, we created lanterns for the Middleton Lantern Parade and modelled our designs on African flags.

African Artwork Inspired By Stephen Njenga

African Artwork Inspired By Stephen Njenga  1
African Artwork Inspired By Stephen Njenga  2
African Artwork Inspired By Stephen Njenga  3
African Artwork Inspired By Stephen Njenga  4
African Artwork Inspired By Stephen Njenga  5
African Artwork Inspired By Stephen Njenga  6

African Flag Inspired Lanterns

African Druming

Still image for this video
We have been learning about African music. We have been counting beats carefully. Who do you think is the caller in this video?

Forces of Nature

This term has begun with a bang! We have been finding out lots about volcanoes and earthquakes.


In English, we have read the story of Pompeii and many of us have been left wondering whether or not Mount Versuvivus will erupt again during our lifetime... 

Sequencing the Story of Pompeii Through Freeze Frames

Sequencing the Story of Pompeii Through Freeze Frames 1 Can you guess who is the volcano?
Sequencing the Story of Pompeii Through Freeze Frames 2
Sequencing the Story of Pompeii Through Freeze Frames 3 "Look, Mount Versuvivus is about to erupt!"
Sequencing the Story of Pompeii Through Freeze Frames 4

Volcano Homework Project

Volcano Homework Project 1
Volcano Homework Project 2
Volcano Homework Project 3
Volcano Homework Project 4
Volcano Homework Project 5
Volcano Homework Project 6
Volcano Homework Project 7
We have been busy planning and making volcanoes at home. We have used different techniques to create our models. We will evaluate our models at school and then cause a mass eruption! 

Volcano Day

Year 4 had a very exciting day involving earthquake drills, volcano art, creating lava, baking hot rock cakes and even handling rocks from a real volcano. We each got to explore every activity and made the most of experiences. Our colourful clothes represent volcanoes...can you spot the ash clouds? 

Science 'Making Lava'

Science 'Making Lava'  1
Science 'Making Lava'  2 We investigated which liquids floated and sunk!
Science 'Making Lava'  3 We were successful investigating floating liquids!
Science 'Making Lava'  4
Science 'Making Lava'  5

Exploring Volcanic Rocks

Exploring Volcanic Rocks  1
Exploring Volcanic Rocks  2
Exploring Volcanic Rocks  3
Exploring Volcanic Rocks  4
Exploring Volcanic Rocks  5
Exploring Volcanic Rocks  6
Exploring Volcanic Rocks  7
Exploring Volcanic Rocks  8