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Welcome to our School Council Page!


School Council at Middleton empowers all pupils to have a voice.


At the beginning of the Autumn term, each year group had the opportunity to elect two school councillors; one boy and one girl. Each child who wanted to be considered for the role had to present to the class why they felt they would be a good representative, acting as the voice between pupils and staff.


It isn’t an easy job; organisation and listening skills are vital!  The successful candidates- and representatives for 2017-18- are:


Year 1- Teddy Randall and Carmen Romanenko

Year 2 – Darcy Barton and Leo Mumford

Year 3 – Crystal Heath and James Johston

Year 4 – Phillip Abram Eugenio and Eliza Curwood

Year 5 – Maaheen Qayyum and Shawn Ma

Year 6 – Poppy Tlyer Prady and Azeem Maruf


You can recognise our school councillors by the school council badges they wear with pride. There is also a display in the main hall with all their photos on. Keep an eye on the school council board for up and coming charitable events and don’t forget: if you have a suggestion for how to improve the school or an idea for fund-raising, please let your school council representative know. 


Together we can make Middleton an even more amazing place to be.

Picture 1
Look out for these children, they are your school councilors! 

End of Autumn 1 update: 

School Council have been busy asking their year groups for ideas for possible future after school or lunchtime clubs that could be held at Middleton. These ideas have been passed on to Mr Beaumont who is in consultation with various sports providers to try and arrange some new activities.