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Admissions September 2017

Admission Appeals for Foundation – September 2017


If you named Middleton Primary School as one of your preferences and were unsuccessful, you have a right to appeal against the decision to an independent appeal panel.


The appeals timetable for children starting school for the first time in September 2017 will be as follows:


-Deadline to request an appeal form – Friday, 5th May 2017 at 1pm


-Deadline to lodge an appeal. Forms must be completed and received at the school for the attention of the Clerk to the Independent Appeal Panel by Friday, 19th May 2017 at 1pm


- For those appeal forms received on time these will be heard week commencing 19th June 2017


Please note it may not be possible to include within this timetable any appeals that are lodged after the deadline.


Middleton Primary School – Admission Arrangements for September 2017 entry


The Governing Body of Middleton Primary School is responsible for deciding the admission of pupils into the school within the Local Authority’s co-ordinated admissions scheme.

The School has a published admission number (PAN) of 90 for entry into the Foundation Year. The school will accordingly admit up to 90 pupils in the relevant year group if sufficient applications are received. All applicants will be admitted if 90 or fewer apply.

If the school is oversubscribed, after the admission of pupils with a Statement of Special Education Needs or an Education Health and Care Plan which names the school, priority for admission will be given according to the oversubscription criteria set out in this document.

This document is split into three sections:

Admissions of children into Foundation Year (Reception) in September 2017 for children starting school for the first time – paragraphs 2-7

Admission of children into any Year after 1st September 2017 (known as In Year admissions) – paragraphs 8-9.

Paragraphs 10 and 11 apply to both sets of admission arrangements


2.Procedures for admission into Foundation for children starting school for the first time

All applications for places are made on the Milton Keynes Local Authority Common Application Form.

Parents should note that for Milton Keynes Schools, including academies, there is no automatic right to a place at the defined area school.  If you make an application for a school which is not your local school and subsequently are not allocated a place, there is no guarantee that a “fall-back” place will be available for your child at Middleton Primary School, even if you live within the defined area.

It is essential that application forms are completed and returned by the deadline date.

Although Middleton Primary School is the admissions authority, the Local Authority (LA), as required by the Department for Education (DfE) co-ordinates the admission arrangements for all schools/academies in Milton Keynes and will communicate all admission decisions to parents.

Procedures for applying to Middleton Primary School are explained in the ‘Local Authority’s Admission to Primary Schools in Milton Keynes – A Guide for Parents and Carers” handbook.  Parents should read and make themselves familiar with this information and take particular note of the definitions provided, dates and deadlines.  A copy can be found on the Local Authority’s website under school admissions.

The Local Authority’s Common Application Form is the only form that will be accepted. It must be submitted to the Local Authority. No forms will be accepted at the school.

 The timeline for admission will be in line with that of the “Co-ordinated Primary School Admissions Milton Keynes LA Scheme” as published in the Parents’ handbook.

Any application for a place at Middleton Primary School received after the published date for return (but before 1st September 2017) will only be considered after all prior applications have been looked at in line with the above. All applications for Foundation in 2017 received after 1st September 2017 will be processed under the School’s In-Year admission procedure (please see section 8 below).

Middleton Primary School is required to comply with the infant class size rules which requires that each reception, year 1 or year 2 class must have no more than 30 children with a qualified teacher except in very limited circumstances.

3.Oversubscription criteria

The planned admission number for Foundation in September 2017 is 90.

Children who have a statement of special educational needs or Education, Health & Care Plan will be admitted as required by law and will count towards the planned admission number.  If the school is oversubscribed, the following criteria will be applied in the order set out below to decide which applicants will be admitted:

  1. ‘Looked After’ children or children who were previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, special guardianship or Child Arrangements  order.
  2. Children who live in the defined area served by the School and will have a sibling attending the School at the time of application with a reasonable expectation that the sibling will be attending at the start of the new academic year of proposed admission.
  3. Children of any staff of the school where either or both of the following circumstances apply:

 (a) where the member of staff has been employed at the School for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the school is made;

(b) where the member of  staff who is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage.  It is at the absolute discretion of the Headteacher to determine when there is a demonstrable skill shortage.

  1. Children who live in the defined area served by the School. 
  2. Children who live outside the defined area served by the School and will have a sibling attending the School at the time of application with a reasonable expectation that the sibling will be attending at the start of the new academic year of proposed admission. 
  3. Children who live outside the defined area served by the School.


4.Oversubscription: Distance Tiebreaker

In the event of there being more applicants meeting any of the above criteria than remaining places available, distance between the applicant’s principal residence and the School will be used as a tiebreaker, with those living nearest being given priority.  Distance from the School is measured from the main entrance to the front door of the applicant’s residence in a straight line using a computerised measuring system.  For applicants living in flats, the distance will be measured from the School’s main entrance to the front door of the ground floor flat underneath the applicant’s residence with priority given to the lower flat door number if there is more than one applicant from a block of flats. In the event that there are two residences at the same distance and it is not possible to distinguish between them, then random allocation will be used to determine priority. Where random allocation is used, it will be independently supervised.

5.Oversubscription Criteria: Definitions

“Defined Area”

The defined area for the school is:

-  Middleton (including Milton Keynes Village) and Oakgrove.  This is shared with Oakgrove Primary School.

- Monkston and Monkston Park, shared with Oakgrove Primary School and Monkston Primary school for pupils in Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5.


Proof of residency will be required from all applicants living within the School’s defined area.  Acceptable proof of residence is a current Council Tax bill, or signed rental agreement, together with an official document that confirms the child lives at the normal home address.

Where the applicant child lives part of the week at one address and part of the week at another address, the residence to be used for the purposes of the application must be the address at which the child spends the majority of school nights. School nights are Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Thursday night.

“Looked After Child”

A looked after child is a child who is (a) in the care of the local authority, or (b) being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions (see the definition in section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989) at the time of making an application to a school.

“Previously Looked After Children”

Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order, Child Arrangements Order or special guardianship order).

In the case of previously looked after children, a copy of the adoption order, residence order or special guardianship order and a letter from the local authority that last looked after the child confirming that he or she was looked after immediately prior to that order being made will be required.


A sibling is a brother or sister, which for admission purposes means brothers and sisters of whole or half blood or any other child (including an adopted child) who permanently resides at the same address and for whom the parent also has parental responsibility. 


“Multiple Births”

In cases where there is one remaining place available and the next child on the waiting list is one of a twin, triplet or other multiple birth groups, the following will apply:

  • Both twins would be admitted (or all siblings in the case of multiple births) even if this goes above the admission number of the school.




Foundation relates to pupils starting school for the first time, i.e. pupils who were born between 1st September 2012 and 31st August 2013 may start school in September 2017.


6.Checking information

The School reserves the right to make its own enquiries to verify information supplied by the applicant.  If subsequently the School finds that a place has been offered on the basis of information that was materially incorrect or misleading, e.g. the parental address or the applicant’s date of birth, and the place would not have been offered if the correct information had been supplied, the Governing Body may withdraw the offer, even if the applicant has already started at the School.

7.Waiting Lists

In accordance with the Admissions Code, a waiting list for those pupils starting school for the first time will be held until the end of the autumn term (2017) when the list will close.

During that period, children who are admitted on appeal, children whom the School are directed to admit and who are allocated a place at the School in accordance with the Fair Access Protocol, will take precedence over those already on the waiting list.

8.In-Year admissions

This relates to all admission to Middleton Primary School in Foundation to Year 6 except for the initial September entry into Foundation which is explained above. 

For admission to Middleton Primary School at any time other than the September following their fourth birthday, parents will be asked to complete an application form available from the school.  Verbal or telephone applications will not be accepted.  Where no place is available, the applicant will be advised in writing and informed of their right to request an independent appeal.

The admission number for each year is as follows:

Foundation             90

Year 1                    90

Year 2                    90

Year 3                    90

Year 4                    90

Year 5                    90

Year 6                    60


Middleton Primary School will not hold a waiting list.

9.In-Year admissions – how places are allocated

For a place to be available for an in-year admission then the number for the relevant year group will have to have fallen below the admission number.  When this occurs, the place will be allocated strictly in accordance with the process and definitions of the oversubscription criteria as set out in paragraph 3.

Places that become available will be allocated to those applicants who meet the relevant criteria for the year group and who are currently in the application process.  For the purposes of in year admissions, the applicants in the application process are considered to be:

-       those who have applied and whose applications have not yet been determined;

-       those who have returned their forms for an independent appeal to the Clerk of the Independent Appeals Panel and are awaiting a date for the appeal to be heard.


Applicants who have not pursued their applications by returning the relevant forms by the relevant, stated deadline will not be considered to be part of the process.

10.   Appeals

When an application is unsuccessful there is an automatic right of appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel.  Details of the appeals process will be provided to those applicants who are unsuccessful. 

11.   Further applications in the same academic year

        Applicants, whose first application is unsuccessful, have the right to an appeal before an independent appeal panel. Applicants may apply again in the same academic year, however, there is no automatic right to an appeal if unsuccessful, unless the school, when accepting the application, considers that there has been a significant and material change in circumstance of the parent, the child or the school. 


Date adopted by the Full Governing Body:  December 2015